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Dear AME Church Family,


During Christian Education Emphasis Month, The Connectional Richard Allen Young Adult Council (RAYAC) of the African Methodist Episcopal Church introduces its Inaugural RAYAC Emphasis Sunday!


On Sunday, September 17, 2023, we ask ALL churches and members to empower and utilize our members between the ages of 18 and 45 in worship. We will emphasize our talents, our strengths, and bring awareness to our ministry.


Today, The Richard Allen Young Adult Council is a ministry that creates, cultivates and engages young adults. God has called us, young adults of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, to minister to ALL needs of His people. We invite you to utilize the attached Resource Guide that includes a Litany, and Call to Worship, Hymn, Scriptures and Social Media Graphics that can be used for the occasion.

As you celebrate, and post photos to your social media platforms, please utilize the hashtags #AGlobalCelebration and #AMERAYAC.


We will highlight you on our platforms.


Let’s be about our Father’s business and let’s celebrate!

Jeremy D. Satterwhite
Connectional President
Richard Allen Young Adult Council
African Methodist Episcopal

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